October 2014

Click this link to watch The 5 Most Productive Ways Webinar Recording

If you’re not building your email contact database, you’re not building your business. There is a direct correlation between the number of contacts an agent has (and keeps in regular contact with) and their income. This FACT is indisputable. This webinar recording presented by real estate marketing expert Ray Wood and million dollar agent, Aaron Shiner sold out a week before the live webcast.

For agents outside Australia, LockedOn is an advanced, powerful and robust real estate contact management system (in other words, a CRM) When you see Ray’s drawing of ‘the funnel’ early in this recording, you’ll see just how important a CRM is to your business. We suggest you pause often and take plenty of notes.

Is it just me or did something happen in the last ten years that has distracted agents from the career essential actions of listing and selling real estate?

I believe distraction is the monster many agents can’t control.  more

How to find your social media mojo and use Facebook to promote your personal brand.

Let me say right up front that I don’t believe ANYONE has the perfect recipe for effectively marketing professional real estate services on Facebook.  more

winter_snowRight now is the perfect time to get those over priced listings sold.

If you’ve got one of those listings that’s been on the market way too long, here’s some tactics and suggestions to get it sold fast.  more

If you’re in real estate anywhere, I’m sure you’ll know what I mean when I say our industry is highly competitive.

So I’d like to give you some basic tools and ideas to help you move towards becoming the real estate authority in your area and give yourself a compelling point of difference. more


I get a lot of questions about how to get rich, and I always give the same answer.
Don’t spend too much. Mostly save. Always invest.

Seems simple enough, right? Yet so many people do the exact opposite—invest poorly, spend way too much, save almost nothing, and remain willfully ignorant about their finances.

Why? Because they don’t understand their relationship to money.  more

It’s probably obvious but real estate’s best are very good at getting stuff done. So if productivity is a skill you need to work on, here are 5 things to help you turbo charge your productive output every week, starting today.

A productive week depends largely on what you focus on every working day and how much time you allocate to activities that take up your time (i.e. busy work). Working harder does not necessarily mean you are being productive. There will always be a better way to complete that task. Find it, work smarter and get more done in your working week.

1. Stop planning, start doing.
It’s okay to make time to plan what needs to be done in the week or month but when you get back to the planning table often, you lose precious productive hours.

So instead of planning, just do it.

The option to work on a task in the future instead of now seem comfortable but not prudent. While you keep telling yourself you don’t have to do it now, that task won’t go away. And somebody will have to eventually account for it. So instead of procrastinating, get on with it and check it off your to-do list.

Also, are your meetings really worthwhile? Most people spend too much time in meetings, when they should be working and getting things done. To ensure you are making the most of your time, create a time budget. This will help you realize how much time you are losing to meetings or planning when you should be doing actual work. You will be surprised at how much you can get done every week if you start tracking how much time you spend planning or meeting.

2. You don’t have to say “yes” to every request.
“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say “no” to almost everything.” — Warren Buffet.

Saying “yes” to a request seem easier than a simple “no”. Yet every time you agree to do something for somebody that brings low or no results, it makes it difficult to have a schedule you can really control. You don’t want that. You can achieve more if you know what you have to do, when you have to it and what you expect to accomplish. All that can be done in controlled schedule.

3. Don’t be a perfectionist.
If you keep chasing perfection, it will take you longer to get your tasks done – and you will most likely be less productive than you planned. The reason being is when you strive for perfection you spend more time on a single task than required, causing your other responsibilities to get pushed back.

This will cause you to lose time. Perfectionism is even higher when you don’t account to anyone but yourself, as the fine tuning never ends.

As they say, don’t let perfect get in the way of great!

4. Get everything out of your head.
Don’t rely heavily on your memory. It will fail you when you need it most. Instead, write things down and use your calendar application like Outlook or iCal for Mac.

There are hundreds of options for taking notes — everything from sticky notes to applications like Evernote, Any.do, and Wunderlist. By jotting down everything that needs to get done in the week, you will have a better picture of what needs to be accomplished – and set priorities accordingly. Make sure you review your list each night so you know what still needs doing.

5. Don’t put that task off any longer
You know that seller you need to call and arrange a meeting to get their price down? Just do it! Putting off essential tasks burns time, energy and productivity. While you’re doing other stuff, it’s subconsciously eating away at you that you haven’t done the thing you really HAD to do. The fastest way to cure this type of damaging procrastination is to just jump in and get it done. Regardless of the outcome, you’ll feel better I promise.