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I hope you’ve had a great start to 2015.

My year has taken off with a blast of emails from agents who have a heap of buyers but urgently need more sellers.  more


It’s the start of a new year and no doubt you’re thinking about how this year is going to be better than last.

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Here’s something a little different this morning team. Have an awesome Monday.

“Rise and shine. 6am and your hand can’t make it to the alarm clock before the voices in your
head start telling you that it’s too early, too dark, and too cold to get out of a bed.

For the last month I’ve been building a website to offer a DVD and Audio CD set following a major real estate coaching and training event we filmed earlier this year.

I’m the guy that comes up with the right copy, the right colors, the right images and the right way to package the recording of an event that took a year and cost $250,000 to bring together. So no pressure!

I have to level with you and tell you there were times (many times) I wanted to leave it and get on with other stuff I either wanted to do or needed doing and it made me think a lot about personal discipline and our own ability to achieve specific goals.

There were 11 speakers at this event including Eric Thomas, the hip-hop preacher from Detroit City and a fleet of other guys who make upwards of 1 million a year in real estate commission.

There was also Aaron Sansoni who is one of the most popular business coaches going around right now. A day with Aaron is $25,000 and he’s booked solid!!

But it was the other Aaron, my long time business partner and million-dollar agent, Aaron Shiner who gave his audience the reality check they needed and I think it’s perfect for this week’s Monday Morning Jolt.

He told his audience: “You don’t need motivation, you need discipline.”

Here’s a little of what Aaron said:

“There’s a lot of talk about the help people get from being motivated. But isn’t earning a huge income, which we can easily do in real estate, motivation enough? Perhaps what we need is more discipline. Discipline to build a plan. Discipline to make it happen and Discipline to stay the course and see it through.”

After his session, quite a few people approached him and told him they agreed 100%. It was a memory moment.

There’s a lot we need to do to create and build a great real estate career and most agents get distracted. In fact, I see it all the time.

Agents start fresh marketing ideas and drop them after a month or so.

They make a new commitment to call their contacts then lack the discipline to follow through and get the job done.

They make the commitment to prospect solidly for X days a week then drift off into something that’s way less important.

They get distracted by B class buyers who suck their time like a leech sucks blood and leave the agent totally unrewarded at the end of the week.

I call it getting “stuck in the thin of thin things.”

In fact, I believe distractions and a lack of discipline is the #1 real estate career killer.

So why not make today the day you’re going to follow though and do what you planned?

Lock yourself into a personal commitment to move the ‘big rocks’ first and focus on the hard things MOST agents don’t do that will make you money starting TODAY!

If you don’t have a plan, get one.

Use a proven real estate success system, build contacts and your following by giving away awesome content (help, guidance and assistance), keep in touch and, when the time comes, deliver a stunning pre-listing kit followed by a killer listing presentation and expand your market share and business footprint.

This will not only give you exceptional confidence and momentum but also increase your power of focus as your personal discipline rewards you for doing what needs to be done. (When you experience this for yourself it’s thrilling and liberating)

I believe exceptional personal discipline is the key to building and enjoying a great life… and isn’t that what we’re here for?

Discipline is your friend. Perfect it and will make you rich!

Have a productive (and highly disciplined) week!

Dream Big & Take Names, Ray

I love doing coaching calls with Bestagents members.

I have a finely tuned technique where we quickly drill down and get to the REAL issues.
Mostly I’m interested in what I call the ‘low hanging fruit’.  more

Real estate’s top performers not only use unique and innovative marketing ideas to generate fresh leads and attract new business, they plan things well in advance so there is always something going into their patch.

It’s also important to keep in mind that we are judged by our marketing and the message it sends.

With the launch of, Bestagents members now have access to proven and dynamic marketing flyers and door hangers they can customize in just minutes.

All you need to do is grab the password in the section under the marketing tab in the Members Lounge and you’ll be creating your own awesome marketing pieces in no time at all!

Here’s the link to

Since the dawn of time, way back when the Dead Sea was just sick, there was marketing.

If you wanted to buy or sell anything it was a matter ‘packaging’ your offer just right to maximize your return.

The best marketers soon worked out certain rules that when applied, worked better than anything else.

The best marketers understood how to ‘pitch’ an offer to make it as attractive and as valuable as it could be.

Fast forward to today and the 5 key marketing motivators, or the main points that convince people to take action, are just the same.

Let’s take a look at each one as it might apply to marketing real estate services so you can apply them every time you create any marketing piece and take your response and conversion rates through the roof!

Check out the 5 greatest marketing motivators of all time here.

Including extras with your main offer is not only a great way to get attention, you’re really opening up your offer to a greater market.

When you think about it, offering real estate services (the service you offer when you help a seller sell or a buyer buy) is really about providing a real estate solution.

Your client, the buyer or seller, is trying to achieve something great and they will go with the agent or service that can help them achieve the best outcome at the most affordable price.

Let’s say you offer a great deal on staging or the services of a handyman for the day to sellers listing with you. What about a free consultation with a mortgage expert? These are hardly new ideas but most agents don’t offer them.

Next… Counting down the 5 greatest marketing motivators of all time. #4