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Real estate’s top performers not only use unique and innovative marketing ideas to generate fresh leads and attract new business, they plan things well in advance so there is always something going into their patch.

It’s also important to keep in mind that we are judged by our marketing and the message it sends.

With the launch of, Bestagents members now have access to proven and dynamic marketing flyers and door hangers they can customize in just minutes.

All you need to do is grab the password in the section under the marketing tab in the Members Lounge and you’ll be creating your own awesome marketing pieces in no time at all!

Here’s the link to

I’ve known super agent James Tostevin since we worked together in Melbourne (Australia) in the 1980s.

His career trajectory spanning almost 30 years is nothing short of Phenomenal.

If you’ve ever doubted the importance of solid prospecting, check out what James says and how he structures his week.

In this short but highly informative interview with real estate commentator Kevin Turner, James shares the secret to his organizational success.

Check it out here Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 4.16.11 PMWhen it comes to prospecting for listings, I LOVE the idea of letting technology do all the heavy lifting for me so check this out!  more


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a Dan Kennedy fan. Dan has taught me so much but not just about marketing. In his book, No BS Time Management for Entrepreneurs, Dan reveals the steps behind making the most of your frantic, time-pressured days so you can turn time into money. I believe real estate agents are essentially entrepreneurs because so many of the same rules apply. We are self made and thrive on our own initiative.  more