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If you’re in real estate… anywhere, you might want to try this quick test to see if you’re a ‘secret agent’ and completely off the online search grid.  more

If I told you how awesome I am, would you really care? Of course not :-)

That’s why real testimonials from real clients you’ve worked with in the past are solid gold.

They cost you virtually nothing to get, you can use them for the life of your real estate career and as a marketing tool, they’re priceless!

But the important thing to remember here is that your testimonials need to have some real ‘meat’ on the bone.

Compare these two testimonials and see which one would most influence and motivate you to take action:

“Mary was very helpful and courteous when she sold our house.”
A Seller. Albany NY

“Thank you Mary… what a brilliant result!! You sold our home for way more than we ever dreamed possible and we can’t believe how painless you made the whole process. We will NEVER buy or sell without you again. Congratulations on providing an awesome real estate service”
B Seller. San Diego CA

Can you see how testimonial 2 has real horsepower and connects with the reader on so many levels. It’s like something that might be written on a thank you card.

At Bestagents, we have a proven formula for helping members get awesome testimonials they can use in all their personal marketing plans.

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There’s a good chance your email to a friend will be opened.  But marketing emails are very different.  If you sent a marketing email on say Saturday afternoon, then chances are this message will not be read when the typical recipient opens their email app to a deluge of messages on Monday morning.  This infographic from the team over at Get Response shows some better open time ‘windows’ and gives some insight as to the best time to send.

mountain victoryWe’ve all had days, weeks, months and — for some — even years of dark days and depression.

Whether we fall into ruts of self-sabotage, loneliness or insecurity, leading a happy, joyful life can sometimes feel like a chore.