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I hope you’ve had a great start to 2015.

My year has taken off with a blast of emails from agents who have a heap of buyers but urgently need more sellers.

This is the PERFECT opportunity to turn things around and use it as an awesome prospecting tool to make extra listing appointments TODAY.

Many sellers are just waiting to get Christmas over and done with so they can put their home on the market.

Here’s what to do:

Select 5 hot buyers and get some ‘tight specifics’ in different price ranges that will match your sellers.

Find out things like where they want to live, bedrooms and bathrooms needed. Do a bit of ‘digging’.

Find out if they are pre-approved to buy and up to what price. (If they challenge you on this they are probably not that hot but tell them you need to know because now it’s the new year, you’re going to be searching for their dream home and you need to know what price range to target for them)

Also (and this is important) get a quirky detail from each one like “Needs a spacious home office” “Needs a good size yard as they have a big dog” “Needs a double garage with plenty of extra storage room” “Would prefer a main road”

These ‘quirky’ details will often strike a chord with a seller and really jump out at them.

Next, call your potential sellers. Start with EVERY unsold evaluation from last year. (Don’t email them… I have something WAY better for that!)

Here’s your phone blurb! (Conversational, casual and friendly. You are reaching out with a courtesy call in the new year. You need to phrase this right as YOU are doing THEM a favour)

“Hi Mrs Jones and happy new year, John here from ABC realty… It’s just a courtesy call, you got a sec?” (response)

“The year has only just started and already I have a number of buyers with cash burning a hole in their pockets. If you’re planning a sale in the next few months, I think sale prices for sellers may well be higher than expectations”. (response)

“Right now I have 5 hot buyers. One in particular is looking for a place like yours and I just wanted to give you the heads up before they make an offer on something else”. (response)

This buyer needs” (give details and include their pre-approval amount which is higher than you believe the seller’s approximate value so they know they won’t be wasting their time if they agree to letting you show the buyer through)

Call every potential seller on your list.

Remember, real estate’s best get on the phone and give real value. What better value and proof that YOU are the best agent for the job could you give than calling a seller direct with a hot buyer? If they are not selling now, I bet they will call you when they are! This is what I call Listing Insurance.

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