Your Questions Answered

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1.What is Bestagents?

Bestagents provides marketing, systems and support to residential real estate professionals. Only one Bestagents membership is granted per area. (Yes, 2 people can share a membership) Subject to postcode availability, membership is secured with a joining fee then a recurring monthly membership to reserve ongoing exclusive area rights to use the Bestagents personal marketing system in that area.

2.What will becoming a Bestagents member do for me?

The Bestagents Personal Marketing System is a proven success formula. Members get:

  • Marketing – Innovative lead generation including the use of the bestselling book ‘How To Sell Your Home For More’ (members get bulk copies) and a range of other prospecting materials plus social media and online brand awareness.
  • Systems – An extensive range of standard letters, prospecting materials, message templates, marketing graphics, direct mail/response campaign pieces, reports, presentations and contact plans.
  • Support – Arguably the greatest collection of real estate success training and support material under one roof is assembled for members in the members lounge. There is also, email, and phone support.
3.What defines an exclusive membership area?

In Canada we use FSAs or Forward Sortation Areas to specifically delineate an exclusive geographic area. An FSA is the first 3 characters of your six character postal code. To help members search availability and select one or more areas, our clever development team has built an interactive search engine. Red areas are taken, green areas are available. You can check it out here.

4.What do I get with my membership?

Heaps! Here’s a summary of everything included with your membership.

  • Exclusive Area Rights (your postcode)
  • 20 copies of the bestselling book (How to Sell your Home For More) plus extra books available to members at cost.
  • A personalized-to-you eBook version of the book
  • A customized Lead Generating Free Book Website
  • Access to the member’s lounge
  • The Marketing Gallery (The full suite of cool lead generating flyers, cards and related artwork)
  • Direct Mail Power (A collection of powerful direct mail letters tailored to real estate)
  • Regular coaching webinars plus access to our previous webinars in the members lounge
  • The Facebook Package which includes banner graphics plus our rundown on how we believe Facebook can help you grow your business
  • A personal or team profile on
  • A Certificate Of Accreditation
  • Additional training content plus Audio and DVD programs
5.How many books do I get with my membership?

When you come on board as an Advantage member you get 20 books.

6.How do I get extra books and how much are they?

Easy! Just log in to your membership area and click the order books tab. Place your order and we’ll take care of the rest. Bulk orders of 20 books are $113 ($5.65 each including tax) plus shipping.

7.How is being a Bestegents member going to help me?
  • Many agents face the daily grind of competing not only with other agents but often others within their own company. There is no forum for idea swapping, sharing strategies or professional growth. In fact, the typical agent environment is quite covert and secretive by necessity.
  • Real estate can be a little lonely at times. Because we’re agents, we know what it can be like. It can sometimes feel like we’re lone warriors taking on the world by ourselves. But it doesn’t need to be like that.
  • A big part of our success at Bestagents is that we have created a solid working community of like-minded real estate professionals who not only use the proven ideas and concepts that come as part of their membership but are free to swap ideas with fellow members in a non-competitive (and non-threatening) environment.
  • At Bestagents we focus on the important things that help real estate professionals become more successful and while our support and coaching programs get into secondary issues, our main focus is the essential lead generation strategies that help members win more business than their competitors. Put simply, we want to make our members successful as quickly as possible.
8.Is there a contract period?
  • Yes. New members join for 12 months then memberships are enabled to continue month to month basis. The initial 12 month contract period is when much of the setting up work for a new member is undertaken. New members have a wide range of support materials to install during this time.
  • An initial 12 month contract term also helps us qualify the ideal member. As our mission is to support, promote and endorse Bestagents as the ‘Best Agents’ in the area, we need to know a new member is genuine and serious about their success and using the Bestagents brand, concepts and systems to grow their business.
  • However, if you decide to move locations and can no longer service your chosen postcode and your new area is not available, you can terminate your membership and only be charged a penalty exit fee equal to 3 months membership where a member terminates after 30 days from joining and before the end of the 12 initial membership commitment. This exit is also available if you decide to leave the industry or there are other special circumstances. For more information please email our support team at
9.How do I secure my area

To ensure member’s exclusive areas remain protected, we’ve developed a program that allows potential members to see if their area is available. If you’re area is available you’ll then be invited to select your preferred Bestagents membership package and complete your membership details and payment option. You can run a check on your preferred area availability here.

10.What do I do if my preferred area is taken?

If your area is not available, you’ll be invited to register your interest to be automatically notified in the event that your area becomes available at any point in the future.

11.Do I get a trial?

Yes! New memberships come with a 30 day, money back guarantee. If you’re not convinced your Bestagents membership is going to be genuinely beneficial to your income and career then simply return all materials sent in original condition within the first 30 days of your membership and receive a 100% refund.

12.How much extra business can I expect in my first three months of membership?

How much would you like? Your success in the first 90 days will be a direct result of the actions you take from day one.

Bestagents is about innovative marketing and most members join because they have experienced limited or disappointing results from marketing they have tried in the past and are ready to work with something proven and exclusive.

Bestagents is also a ‘system’. Universally we find that new members who take the time to install the system correctly into their business will experience more results faster.

By now you will have seen the Bestagents new business funnel and pipeline model. This model is virtually copied from what real estate’s best are doing. We gather contacts and take care of them via our CRM, outcome listings and sales. A Bestagents membership is designed to enhance each step of the process.

13.Am I co-branding?

Bestagents members come from every major real estate brand in North America.

Our mission with the use of Bestagents graphics is to promote the endorsement of members in their areas. Using the Bestagents logo is not compulsory. The members graphic can ‘Stand-alone’ in some marketing or work in conjunction with the member’s principal brand in others. Essentially, this is the member’s choice to make based on guidelines and rules as set out by the master brand.

14.What systems are offered with my membership?

Bestagents members get a complete system of lead generation and follow up documents, scripts, message templates and strategies.

Our main observation of real estate’s best, simply tells us that the more contacts they are able to collect and the better they can communicate with them, the greater success they will enjoy (Yes, we know this is obvious but you might be surprised to learn that most agents ignore it!).

15.How do I set up my customized free book lead generating website?

This popular feature comes standard is standard with your membership. We show you everything you need to know from choosing your best domain name to growing your list of subscribers.

We actually build the page for you and load in all your messages that are automatically sent to new contacts that sign up to get your ebook. Your free ebook offer is clearly presented and name and email harvesting from free book requests is completely automated. This is the most advanced online lead generation that has ever been developed for the real estate industry.

16.Is coaching and training ongoing?

Yes. In addition to our live monthly webinars, we are regularly in touch about a wide range of topics but all designed to make your transition to membership as easy and effortless as possible.

Webinars and other coaching and support initiatives are recorded and uploaded to the members resource centre for member retrieval at any time.

17.Can two people share a membership?

Yes. Many real estate professionals prefer to work as a team of two as they both bring different skill sets to the table. Teams have the option to have one or both members actively involved with the membership.