Exclusive Protected Territory

Exclusive Protected Territory

Be the first and only to use the Bestagents personal marketing system in your area.

Think about this for a moment: Most real estate marketing concepts will NEVER offer geographic exclusivity because that would severely limit how many packages or memberships they can sell.

That means there can literally be hundreds of agents in the same area using the same set of ideas.

But we all know the power of difference and offering a unique and compelling marketing position or message in your area and we all know a ‘different’ message stands out.

Why would you invest time, effort and money to build a marketing presence that can be copied or duplicated by one or more of your competitors at any time?

How could that possibly help you stand out in your local area?

If you create an exciting and valuable offer, would you want another agent to not only steal your idea but profit from your marketing when the buyer or seller calls them instead?

A central success component of the Bestagents personal marketing system is area exclusivity.

We don’t want to take over the world, but we do want to help real estate’s Bestagents connect with more buyers and sellers in a creative, fun and innovative way.

We want Bestagents members to freely promote their offer and attract lots of new business without the threat of being copied by a competitor.

We’re working with the very best real estate professionals to help them genuinely boost their market share and become the real estate authority in their area.

If you ‘get’ this and your preferred area or areas are available, we’re ready to help you put our ideas to work so you can begin to engage more clients, win more business, starting today.