The Book ‘How to Sell Your Home for More’

How to sell your home for more

12 Editions and 200,000 sales later, meet the little book that started a real estate marketing revolution.

Get exclusive rights to use our bestselling book as a free offer to attract now and future sellers. We estimate that so far, the book is responsible for generating more than 100,000 fresh leads for members that converted to listings and sales. We conservatively estimate that’s more than 1 billion dollars in EXTRA fees to Bestagents members.

How To Sell Your Home For More is the #1 best selling real estate ‘How To’ guide and is available to the public at for $29.95 but free from Bestagents members. (that’s just another reason why this works so well. Folks LOVE free stuff).

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Message from Ray Wood

This book saved my professional life.

It was the early 1990s and a brutal was crippling economies everywhere following the stock market crash a few years before.

Prices were falling around us. Buyers were almost non existent and real estate agents were leaving the industry in droves and getting whatever work they could.

It was a tough time. It broke businesses, hearts, dreams and families. I had never experienced anything like it and I hope I never will again.

Our new business was out of time and money. I was out of ideas.

Then one day, following a successful sale, the seller, who was a big time advertising agency CEO told me the strategy I used to sell his home was the best he had ever seen. He told me something I’ve never forgotten and it quickly became part of my presentation ‘pitch’ to sellers.

Here’s what he said:

“One of the most interesting and unique things about real estate is that it has no recommended retail price. Almost everything we see around us has a recommended retail price but not property. And unlike everything else, the value of property actually increases over time. You told us to do certain things before we went on the market and I believe that helped us achieve a result well above our expectations. You actually manipulated the market in our favour and I love the way you did that.”

One of the highest paid ad guys on the planet had not only paid me a huge compliment, he’d given me a priceless marketing idea for free.

This comment from a very happy client not only gave me the point of difference I was looking for, it gave me the title for my booklet that would eventually turn into a bestselling book.

Boosted by the comments from my ad agency client, I created a small booklet called How To Sell Your Home For More. It was a print-on-demand 32 page brochure.

I hired a designer to create a professional looking cover and I employed the specific rules I had learned from direct mail masters like David Ogilvy and John Caples to craft direct mail letters and flyers about the offer of my booklet.

My first letter drop was a complete disaster. I got zero responses. I dusted myself off and got back on the horse.

I went back to Ogilvy’s direct mail rules and spent the next few weeks tweaking and testing with small 500 piece runs of letters and flyers.

The phone began to ring with people wanting a copy of the book. Success at last!!

I started to focus on the letters that gave me the best results and I began to get more and more calls from potential sellers looking for copies of the book.

One by one I started adding new contacts to my list of potential sellers.

Then slowly but surely, I started giving property appraisals and valuations to people who had asked for a copy of the book.

There is something indescribably satisfying that happens when you keep going against the odds and experience success. In a matter of months I was out of debt and into the black.

I’ll be the first to admit that the extra income was welcome but my free book offer and direct mail success gave me the best feeling of vindication and confidence I had ever had and that’s why I believe so passionately in the power of an idea.

I now owned a dynamic and compelling point of difference in the market. I also had a marketing weapon I could employ anytime to help me win more business.

I made the decision to expand the booklet into a real book and had a few thousand printed. My free book offer started to work better than ever. This success gave me the confidence to start thinking about other ways I could leverage the book to attract more contacts.

Then something totally unexpected happened.

Other agents, who had heard about my success with the book, the letters and flyers approached me to see if they could use the book in their local markets so I started to license the concept to real estate people everywhere.

Looking back, it was part luck and part courage that saved our business. We went on to build an amazing real estate company that made us wealthy beyond our dreams.

Just as the recession was cruel and nearly left us broke and broken, the years that followed gave us abundance, success and joy.

I guess my point is that I HAD to make the book a success because I had nowhere else to turn.

I’m delighted and humbled to sometimes speak with Bestagents members who used the book and an ever growing suite of cool marketing ideas to help them avoid a business drought.

I also need you to know that there’s no such thing as a silver bullet to real estate success.

The book simply gave me an innovative and unique way to attract sellers and make new contacts. The real work came in looking after them and managing their expectations until they bought or sold with me.

Once I got the system working it just snowballed from there.

What you’re really getting with Bestagents is a personal marketing system and if your area is available and you decide to join us, you’ll see how the system comes together to streamline your business with enhanced productivity, profits and enjoyment.

What agents are saying about
‘How To Sell Your Home For More’

“After only 6 months, we are now market leaders in our city fopr the very first time in 9 years. The other agents are all talking about us and wanting to know what we’re doing. It’s also the first time we’ve achieved $100,000 commission in a month thanks to our Bestagents membership.”
Troy Kincaid

“I’m always directing traffic to my Free Book website because I know once a new contact downloads their book, my follow up is automatic. And I love the way my website is ALWAYS working for me even when I’m not. It’s the most cost effective lead generation system I have ever used.”
Phil Taylor

“Since I started using your book and marketing direct mail letters, business has tripled and my ‘call in’ rate has gone through the roof. In the last two weeks, the book has generated 11 Evaluations and 7 exclusive listings. (This is business I would not have had without the book and letters) From my listings I now have 2 under contract and another one is close. I am now the top lister in our office of 11 sales people. I used to list 2 or 3 but so far this month I have listed 7!”
Ils Townley

“Dear Ray, this November will mark my first year in real estate. It has been an interesting learning curve and totally worthwhile. I will have earned over $100,000 in commission and have kept very accurate records as to where each dollar came from. I have established that your book and marketing ideas make me (on average) $7,000 each month. These are listings and sales I would not have had without using your tools. Thanks so much for helping me kickstart my career. I’m looking forward to working with you on my goals for my second year!”
Daniel Mendes (Harcourts Qld)

“Ray’s Real Estate Marketing tools make me an extra $100,000 each year.”
Steven Stretch (First National SA)

“Using Ray’s book and letters has been a highly profitable experience. So far Paul and I have achieved at least one extra listing and made one extra sale each month”
Nikki Knight

“I measured my success right from the start and can attribute the book to $40,000 in additional fees in the first three months.”
Scott Hay

“In less than two weeks, I have listed three homes exclusively from using the book. At the moment, one listing is close to selling.”
Paul Theo

Quotes from various media featuring the book

“A ‘How To’ Gem”
The Melbourne Age

“…a must read for intending property vendors”
The Australian Financial Review

“…offers readers very simple strategies for buying and selling property that can save significant amounts of money…. invaluable in today’s erratic real estate market.”
Wealth Creator Magazine

Feedback from property sellers who
used the book to sell for more

“We saved $100,000 by learning real estate’s trade secrets. How To Sell Your Home For More was a guaranteed shortcut to success. Well done and many thanks.”
Paul and Jo Hickman

“We have just sold a property for 1.6 million dollars. The advice and suggested guidelines in How To Sell Your Home For More worked perfectly for us. I’m sure no other selling method would have achieved such a great result.”
Ken Morris

“I followed the steps set out in How To Sell Your Home For More and it seemed to have all the answers. I’m sure I achieved a result that was at least ten percent higher than I would have otherwise achieved. The book covered everything from presentation of my home to agent selection. My property sold in less than a month for a great price.”
Jodie Blight

“Getting the best price for my property was extremely important to me. I only had one chance to get it right. The How To Sell real estate book broke everything down into simple steps. I just followed the steps to a great result.”
Fraser Martin

“Thanks for getting me a copy of your amazing book (How To Sell Your Home For More) I can see how it has truly added dollars to my sale price. The presentation suggestions are so effective. I’ve read dozens of how to property books but yours is by far the best. Thanks for everything!”
Pamela Darling

“WOW! I had to see it for myself to believe it! How To Sell Your Home For More has changed the way I look at selling (and buying) real estate. In tough market conditions, the process, as explained in the book, worked brilliantly. Thanks for the best real estate experience I have ever had.”
Mark Borthwick