Regular coaching and support with Bestagents CEO Ray Wood

Get started with Ray Wood

Every BA member is at a different stage in his or her career. An exclusive Bestagents membership is designed to help you quickly build your business no matter where you are. But we’ve found that a getting started coaching with CEO Ray Wood helps members plan their success even faster.

Ray is a fourth generation real estate agent, former real estate business owner, best selling writer and passionate about effective real estate marketing that delivers.

New members have a stack of exciting business enhancement options. Ray will give your current personal marketing a health check, help you choose the most appropriate package features and work with you to decide the best way to leverage your membership in the all-important first 90 days.

Ray’s mission is to make sure Bestagents members get noticed.

By leveraging the exciting options new technology has given to the real estate industry, Ray believes a tech savvy market of buyers and sellers are looking for a tech savvy agent.

He believes there’s every chance someone is looking at your website right now and making a decision about whether or not they will contact you based on their online ‘experience’ when visiting your website.