How it Works

Get excited!

If your area is available, you’re about to STOP advertising and start marketing.

This means that instead of pushing your message to buyers and sellers as most agents do, you’ll be engaging and attracting potential clients on a whole new level!

We’ve developed and tested real estate’s most advanced and productive personal marketing system so you don’t have to.

Here’s how it works:

On securing exclusive area rights, Bestagents members use our personal marketing system plus our unique and proven suite of advanced marketing tools to gain a dynamic and clear marketing edge over their competitors to win more leads, attract more clients and close more deals.

The Bestagents personal marketing system works with any existing systems and business enhancing products or concepts.

Bestagents members use the marketing tools we have developed and tested to generate leads and build contacts.

Bestagents does not generate leads for members. Members implement our concepts to attract more contacts, win more listings and make more sales

Research tells us the main problem with the way real estate processionals promote themselves and why most agents struggle is because they have no clear point of difference. To the public, all agents look the same.

Bestagents members enjoy a dynamic and compelling point of difference to make sure they stand out from the crowd. This happens because we only allow one membership per area.

Using our range of proven marketing tools and concepts, Bestagents members benefit from what we call Give-To-Get-Marketing. While their competitors are always asking for something or offering the same old Free Market Evaluation, Bestagents members are providing compelling and valuable ideas designed to engage potential clients with attractively packaged information that is relevant and useful.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to what happens when you join.

  1. Where available, you can select up to 4 exclusive areas. An increasing discount of up to 41% applies to your 4th area.
  2. You complete your membership details and enter your joining and monthly membership payment details. This confirms your membership and validates your entry to the Members Lounge and full access to the entire Bestagents personal marketing system.
  3. You will then be automatically directed to the Members Lounge. This is a members only online portal and your complete resource centre. It contains everything members need to begin using their exclusive Bestagents personal marketing system.
  4. You click the getting started tab in the Members Lounge and complete a series of steps which helps us build the important features of your membership.
  5. These features include your profile on your customized ebook and your official Membership Accreditation Certificate.
  6. We then send you 20 copies of How To Sell Your Home For More. You are encouraged to buy extra books whenever you need. These are supplied at cost which is $5 each plus shipping.
  7. We then direct you to a special page that will give you full instructions to help us build your Free Book lead generating website.
  8. You will start to receive a series of reminder emails from us to check out and start using different features of the Members Lounge. These include our suite of direct mail letters, marketing graphics and other exciting marketing options.
  9. We invite you to turbo charge your business Facebook page with fresh and attractive graphic options plus loads of regular fresh content you can post in your FB page to engage and build contacts in your area. We also look at ways you can take your Facebook marketing to the next level to attract more property buyers and sellers in your local area and sphere of business influence.
  10. You’re invited to join our regular live webinar sessions to explore fresh ideas and reinforce solid proven marketing success tactics.

These 10 steps set up your new marketing system but it’s just the beginning. We are constantly adding fresh ideas and innovative marketing tools to help you engage more buyers and sellers. Now that you enjoy complete and exclusive geographic area rights, you can shout your message from the roof top without fear of ever being copied.

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What do we do

We provide innovative and compelling marketing ideas for real estate’s best agents to help them build an exciting and dynamic personal business by attracting more clients, working less hours, creating more personal wealth and having more fun.

Our Mission

To empower and support Bestagents members with the knowledge, systems and resources they need to achieve extraordinary success by leveraging a compelling and exclusive marketing advantage over every other agent in their area.

Our Philosophy

Real estate is such a brilliant way to create serious wealth.

So then you have to wonder, why do so few agents get it right?

The only reason the Sell-Your-Own-Home companies are booming is because the public can’t see why they should sell with an agent.

The home selling public can’t justify paying a commission because most agents struggle to ‘connect’ with their market.

If you’re thinking about becoming a Bestagents member and securing exclusive marketing rights to your area, we think it’s only fair you know exactly what we live for and what we embrace.

We Engage

Good marketing may attract a potential client… Great marketing engages and attracts many potential clients.

Today we have more tools and concepts at our disposal than ever before to emotionally engage our market. We have booming social media sites, online marketing and video. Even direct mail is making a long awaited and very successful return. But most agents either ignore these tools or fail at their attempts to make them work.

It almost seems like anyone coming into real estate simply copies the same old mundane things they see their competitors offer.

Bus bench signs and billboards could work really well if they carried a compelling message that engaged an audience. A creative and unique lead generating website with a simple call-to-action is a low cost-high return marketing investment that less than 5% of agents use effectively.

Emotionally engaging a potential client is the ONLY way to cut through the white noise that gets louder every day. …and the truly wonderful thing about using engaging new media is that’s it’s the most cost effective marketing there is.

Quality Relationships

We build a high number of quality relationships. Have you noticed how the major companies and corporations will do almost anything to get your name and email on their list? Heck! Facebook almost knows more about many of us than our nearest and dearest. That’s because they understand the power of creating, building and keeping a large number of quality relationships.

Do you know that the highest performing agents not only have the highest number of contacts in their database software programs, they are total Ninjas at keeping in touch via phone, email, direct mail, social media, mobile text message, carrier pigeon, smoke signals whatever it takes.

What do our sellers want?

At Bestagents, we believe every seller wants just 3 things: A great market result, a sale in a reasonable time and a positive and memorable real estate experience. We work hard to help Bestagents members deliver on these three key wants. This isn’t rocket science, it’s effective marketing.

We are now firmly entrenched in the Information era. For the first time in history, information has never been so plentiful or so rapidly accessible. Buyers and sellers don’t buy and sell on a regular basis like we do, so the agent that can creatively deliver the information they need in an engaging and almost fun way will win the day.

Offer a point of difference

The golden rule of marketing is to set yourself apart from your competitors. To market yourself as an agent offering a dynamic and compelling point of difference. But take a look around. …most agents all look the same. They focus on promoting the things potential buyers and sellers aren’t really interested in like their face and their logo. Their marketing fails to engage.

That’s why we only allow one membership per area. How could you be compelling, unique and different if your enemy agents could offer the same thing? And why would you spend time, sweat and money establishing a unique personal marketing brand if someone else could do it too?

So what makes us different? Here’s a clue, it’s on the front cover of the book that more than 200,000 home sellers have used to get a better result. Bestagtents members use a selling system that helps their sellers sell for more. While all the other agents in your area are telling everyone how great they are, Bestagents members turn it around and attract new clients by delivering a message that’s all about what’s in it for the seller.

The reason why only 5% of agents make 95% of the income in real estate

Did you know the average time from when a seller first thinks about selling and when they actually appoint an agent is almost 12 months?

From our own research, we believe most agents will not stay in touch with a potential seller for more than 3 months. Less than 25% of agents will maintain quality contact past 6 months and less than 5% will continue to follow up (using all communication forms) for more than a year.

Perhaps that’s why only 5% of agents make 95% of the income in real estate.

As you can see, we have no issue taking a very strong position on these 5 key points. We know our most successful members not only support our philosophy, they have adopted it into every working day. That’s because we’ve modeled this philosophy on what real estate’s very best are doing.

We also know not everyone believes in what we preach. But that’s okay. There are usually hundreds of agents operating in any one area. We’re only looking to work with one… The right one.

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