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It’s the start of a new year and no doubt you’re thinking about how this year is going to be better than last.

If you haven’t set up your plan for the coming year, now is a great time to do it.

It’s also exciting to set some listing presentation to listing appointment to sales targets to see how much you’re going to earn in 2015.

But if you’ve ever set personal plans to kick some serious butt, then failed to deliver on promises you made to yourself, it was probably because one of the 5 deadly dream destroyers succeeded in stopping you from striving for and reaching your goals.

I guarantee you anyone who’s ever enjoyed any level of success in real estate has had to stare down one or more of these dream destroyers.

Personally, I’ve been challenged by each of these monsters at one time or another so I speak with experience when I offer my very best ideas and suggestions as to how you can defeat each one as you march on to victory.

Dream Destroyer 1. Limiting self-beliefs.
When I was writing my book ‘How To Sell Your Home For More’ there were times when I questioned what I was doing.

looking back after 12 editions and more than 200,000 sales, I know that sounds crazy, but that negative nagging voice in my head made me ask myself if anyone would really be interested in what I was offering.

You have to wonder if JK Rowling had any doubts when she was penniless and writing the first draft of Harry Potter. I bet she did.

It’s hard when you’re writing a book because you don’t actually know if it’s going to work until you’re done and you start getting feedback.

Imagine how devastating a Hollywood producer or director must feel when the media is critical of their movie that probably took years of hard work to bring together.

One of the most common emails I get from agents asks how they can overcome their limiting self-belief. They say things like “How can I be expected to list and sell a property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars when I’m new to real estate?” or “Why would a seller trust me with the sale of the greatest asset they will ever own? There are plenty of agents more skilled and competent then me.”

I can smell the fear and insecurity oozing from their words like sliced onion left on the kitchen counter.
Lack of self-confidence is not only natural, everyone is afflicted at one time or another. But the good thing is it doesn’t last.

How to defeat this deadly dream destroyer.
First, know and understand that EVERY agent started somewhere and they all experienced the same feelings and self-doubts.

When I did my first property auction at the age of 20, I really had to dig deep and find some kind of inner strength to overcome my panic and nervousness. I practiced in front of a mirror, I practiced in my car, then I practiced in front of friends.

Finally the day came when I had to stand and deliver. My boss handed me the contract, shook my hand, smiled and said “Don’t **** it up.”

Everything went well and from there each auction was easier. So what’s my point? Suck it up, put your head down, feel the fear and do it anyway. You’re a long time dead.

I’m a big fan of personal development and my iPhone is always queued up with the latest inspirational podcast. Back in the day, a Tony Robbins or Earl Nightingale cassette or CD could always be found in my car and whenever I felt the gravity of self-doubt or needed a confidence boost, I would quickly get back on track with one of my audio mentors.

Many people I know use exercise as therapy to help them get their mindset back on track and this works for me too. I’m into mountain biking and love to hit a challenging single track whenever I can. When you’re slicing through the trees, there’s little time to think about anything else. At the end of the ride I’m exhilarated and feel like I want to take on the world.

Lately, I’ve had similar results from Bikram Yoga but that’s another story.

And here’s a tip straight out of the top agent’s playbook: Get to gym (or workout) first thing every day. It will change your brain in so many good and positive ways and give you a dynamic edge for the rest of your day. For more info on this, check out Hal Elrod’s book ‘The Miracle Morning’. It’s an awesome and inspiring read full of excellent personal power ideas.

The final tip I’ll leave you with on this point is to always be mindful about what your goals and dreams are.

Good real estate agents are entrepreneurs and we need to think that way. We’re different from the rest. We walk to the beat of a different drum and need to call on the resources we need when we need them. We need to stay mindful of the prize and fully understand our road will be a little steeper and less friendly from time to time. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Dream Destroyer 2. Lack of focus and distractions.
These two twisted sisters will work in tandem to neutralize your efforts and torpedo your dreams.

One reason 80% of agents suffer from good month-bad month syndrome is because the hard work they do is cancelled out by a lack of focus and not being able to handle distractions.

For years I’ve heard productivity experts tell me that just 20% of our actions produce 80% of our results and judging by what I see in our industry, it’s hard to argue with this.

Lack of focus is a brutal achievement cancer and a merciless predator of productivity and personal success. It robs us of our potential wealth and steals our ambition like a thief in the night. The problem is, most people just accept it and think it’s the norm.

I recently heard top agent Garth Makowski speak at Real Estate RECHARGE in Sydney. He said distractions are the single biggest killer of real estate careers in this generation.

My wife Christine, says I suffer ADOS which stands for Attention Deficit Oh Shiny. (yup… hilarious)

Like many people, I’m easily distracted and need to work hard on getting important things done. Much of my work is thinking and writing. To do this, I need almost total silence. But once I get started, I’m in the zone and I power through and produce (in my opinion) great content.

I just listened to an awesome podcast featuring Nicole Dean, the founder of a website called

Nicole says she has made more money by saying no than saying yes. In other words, she understands just how time consuming distractions can be and how essential it is to stay focused on exactly what it is you wish to achieve.

I see lack of focus as the threat from within and distractions as the threat from the outside.
It’s important to know that both are controllable.

How to defeat this deadly dream destroyer.
At the start of your day, work out EXACTLY what you want to complete.

Don’t set ridiculous pipe dream style objectives. Be realistic and focus on the important things that will make you money. (like Prospecting!!)

Set yourself a time window for this action and decide on a reward after completion. Could be a delicious and nutritious lunch, a session at the gym, shopping or whatever turns you on. Choose a reward that gets you excited.

Work out when you’re more productive and switch off everything so you are not distracted and can focus on the important task you have set yourself and just do it!

Sorting you priorities will help you focus.

It’s essential to decide what’s important and what’s urgent. There’s a big difference.

Dream Destroyer 3. Failure to launch (procrastination)
You’ve painted your brand on the side of your rocket. Fueled it. Towed it to the launch site, invited a VIP audience to witness the big event (with French Champagne) and… there it sits.

So often I hear from agents who set up a marketing plan and then for some reason, fail to pull the trigger. Is it fear of failure? Fear of success? Lack of self belief? All of the above?

How to defeat this deadly dream destroyer.
You can quickly overcome this by not biting off more than you can chew. Again, we’ve all been guilty of failing to launch and procrastinating our way to inaction.

Many of us are impossible perfectionists and no matter how much we tweak it, it’s never quite right.
This is a trap and a definite career limiter so never let perfect get in the way of great.

If needed, ‘chunk’ your tasks down into doable doses and pull the trigger.

I have built and launched hundreds of websites and in the beginning, they would sit completed for weeks before I let them go live. They would never be ‘quite right’. The colors or spacing or font was not quite how I imagined it… blah, blah, blah. But then I learned a productivity trick that changed everything: By launching the site, I was forced to quickly make any essential changes and test response in a real environment.

As I’m sure you know by now, not everything you do will work brilliantly, but real estate is a game of numbers. Action creates momentum and momentum is your friend.

Dream Destroyer 4. The Assassins
These are the people who shoot down your ideas, attack your plans and assassinate your enthusiasm. It’s hard enough taking on a challenging project like a real estate career without being torpedoed from someone who’s supposed to be in your corner.

I learned about this when I was writing my book.

Some people close to me questioned my ideas and thought my efforts could be better spent in other endeavors. It ambushes your motivation and makes you question things.

Fortunately, I had the strength to power through and ignore the comments.

An assassin may come from anywhere but usually takes the shape of a work colleague, family friend, relative or even a partner. An assassin’s attack is especially potent because it comes from somewhere you would least expect it.

How to defeat this deadly dream destroyer.
The thing I learned about assassins is that they often have their own agenda.

I recently received an email from an agent who attended RECHARGE in Sydney. She told me how other agents in her office and even her boss, questioned why she was going to our event. They said that she should be staying with the team and that training is bull****. She ignored them, booked her flight, hotel and got a front row seat.

Less than 4 months later she was leading the team (she was equal last before RECHARGE) and continues to power ahead.

If you want to take advice from someone, first check if they’re qualified to give it.

Also, if someone tell you that you can’t do something, then what they’re really saying is that they don’t believe in you.

Think about it: A good friend, partner, relative or work colleague should believe in you and support your decision. When you win they should celebrate with you, if you fail they should encourage you to keep trying and support your next attempt. That’s what friends do right?

You might also want to consider surrounding yourself with people who support your career and discreetly jettison those that don’t.

If you believe in what you’re doing, you need to follow your intuition. The road to success is littered with the rotting corpses of those who gave up. If real estate success is your dream, pursue it with all you heart.

Dream Destroyer 5. Overwhelm
Okay, true. There’s a lot going on. But it’s essential to cut a path through all the crap and focus on the essentials.

Some of the agents I admire most are single mothers.

They not only get their children organized every morning, they also run a real estate career. It would be easy for them to be overwhelmed with everything that needs to happen but when you’re a single parent, you don’t really have a choice. They find a way.

Many agents also suffer from what I call the ‘super-hero syndrome’ where they ‘need’ to do everything themselves. (okay, you know who you are)

How to defeat this deadly dream destroyer.
Prioritize! What are the essentials? What MUST Happen and when?
I believe a big part of real estate success is knowing what to do next. Overwhelm can destroy your dreams if you let it. It’s like you become frozen in the inertia of being completely inundated with tasks and what you believe are priorities.

In my personal coaching sessions I like to dedicate some time into looking at the blue dollar actions responsible for making the money.

These are the things that directly lead to income generation. Then we look at how to outsource or eliminate the tasks that don’t. What tasks can you outsource and what can you eliminate?

Another great trick with overwhelm (my favourite) is to sit down, switch off your phone and make a list. Do a brain dump of everything that’s overwhelming you.

Next, go through your list carefully and underline the top three things you can resolve or complete today, or at the least the things you can advance to the next stage. I find that doing a list when you’re overwhelmed with tasks quickly restores calm and any anxiety.

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