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Give something a deadline and it will certainly motivate your intended target to take action. It’s the perfect partner to offer with extras as it gives them even more power.

You simply take the above examples, or whatever you’re offering and put a time limit on it for say, the month of March.

The big retailers have been doing this forever and it works brilliantly for them.

In fact, there’s no reason why you can’t offer something each month. Get creative and have some fun with it.

Most agents are simply offering a Free Evaluation, you’re taking a completely different approach and giving something away. Consumers are hardwired to look for things like that.

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If I told you how awesome I am, would you really care? Of course not :-)

That’s why real testimonials from real clients you’ve worked with in the past are solid gold.

They cost you virtually nothing to get, you can use them for the life of your real estate career and as a marketing tool, they’re priceless!

But the important thing to remember here is that your testimonials need to have some real ‘meat’ on the bone.

Compare these two testimonials and see which one would most influence and motivate you to take action:

“Mary was very helpful and courteous when she sold our house.”
A Seller. Albany NY

“Thank you Mary… what a brilliant result!! You sold our home for way more than we ever dreamed possible and we can’t believe how painless you made the whole process. We will NEVER buy or sell without you again. Congratulations on providing an awesome real estate service”
B Seller. San Diego CA

Can you see how testimonial 2 has real horsepower and connects with the reader on so many levels. It’s like something that might be written on a thank you card.

At Bestagents, we have a proven formula for helping members get awesome testimonials they can use in all their personal marketing plans.

Next… Counting down the 5 greatest marketing motivators of all time. #2.

The second biggest marketing motivator of all time, appealing to your target’s fear of loss is almost as powerful as it gets.

Nobody wants to lose money and that’s the obvious target when it comes to real estate marketing.

At Bestagents, one of our most effective marketing pieces is an offer to future property sellers to get a free copy of our bestselling book, ‘How To Sell Your Home For More’

The marketing piece headline reads: DON’T RISK UNDERSELLING YOUR HOME

Can you see how a headline like that really appeals to the owner’s fear of loss and literally hits them where they live?

No home seller wants to lose money on the sale of their home and because the value of real estate can only be measured in the tens and hundreds of thousands, any potential lose is likely to be great!

If you’re not already a BA member, or if your area is already taken, why not create a free report for home sellers you can offer in your area.


Next… Counting down the 5 greatest marketing motivators of all time. #1

Ah yes, good ol’ chance of gain.

If you’ve ever wondered about the pure pulling power of the chance of gain, look no further than Las Vegas, a city built on that very same philosophy.

Or what about the billions of dollars spent on lotteries each month?

Chance of gain is by far the most powerful marketing motivator and is way under utilized when it comes to promoting real estate services.

Think about this: Real estate has no specific recommended retail price.

The difference between a poor result and a great price is a combination of marketing, presentation and the agent’s skill.

Using a bestselling book like ‘How To Sell Your Home For More’ has proven highly effective when using the chance of gain approach because it illustrates very clearly and powerfully, exactly how a seller (with the help of their agent) can achieve the best possible result.

A great marketing campaign brings these 5 great marketing motivators together to provide one super compelling reason why they should shoes that agent.

If you’re ready to take your personal brand and personal marketing to the next level, we’ve built a unique and proven platform that works in any location or market.

To discover more and find out if your area is available for exclusive Bestagents membership, visit us today at

I’ve known super agent James Tostevin since we worked together in Melbourne (Australia) in the 1980s.

His career trajectory spanning almost 30 years is nothing short of Phenomenal.

If you’ve ever doubted the importance of solid prospecting, check out what James says and how he structures his week.

In this short but highly informative interview with real estate commentator Kevin Turner, James shares the secret to his organizational success.

Check it out here Enjoy!

For the last few months, I’ve been speaking with agents across Canada and the US.

It’s been fascinating to dig a little deeper into the success habits of so many top performers and I thought you might be interested to know what I’ve learned so you can implement some or all of their ideas into your business and show your competition who’s boss!  more

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 4.16.11 PMWhen it comes to prospecting for listings, I LOVE the idea of letting technology do all the heavy lifting for me so check this out!  more

Click this link to watch The 5 Most Productive Ways Webinar Recording

If you’re not building your email contact database, you’re not building your business. There is a direct correlation between the number of contacts an agent has (and keeps in regular contact with) and their income. This FACT is indisputable. This webinar recording presented by real estate marketing expert Ray Wood and million dollar agent, Aaron Shiner sold out a week before the live webcast.

For agents outside Australia, LockedOn is an advanced, powerful and robust real estate contact management system (in other words, a CRM) When you see Ray’s drawing of ‘the funnel’ early in this recording, you’ll see just how important a CRM is to your business. We suggest you pause often and take plenty of notes.

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How to find your social media mojo and use Facebook to promote your personal brand.

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